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(Concurrent session presentation times and arrangement subject to change)

Wednesday, May 17th                                                                                       

6:00 - 7:30pm Registration and Welcome Cocktail at Botel Marina.


Thursday, May 18th                                                                                            

8:30am-9:00am Registration                                                                         

9:00am Opening Remarks and Welcome

9:15am Opening Plenary/Keynote:  Martyn Barrett (University of Surrey)  Competences for Democratic Culture: Empowering Youth through Education

10:15-10:45am Coffee Break                                                                        

10:45-11:45am Concurrent Sessions 1 [Room assignments TBD]

  • a) Leticia Yulita(University of East Anglia, UK) Competences for democratic culture in language pedagogy: An empirical study of an intercultural citizenship project
  • b) Etsuko Yamada (Hokkaido University, Japan) How a Lingua Franca is formed through Intercultural Communication in Multicultural Classrooms
  • c) Áine Gallagher (National University of Ireland Galway) 'Europe Engage' - Promoting Civic Engagement in Higher Education in Europe
  • d) Elyse Resnick (Fulbright Scholar) and Cristina Bettini (Comune di Milano, Italy) Inclusion Strategies in Theory and Practice: Engaging Youth to Promote Multicultural Communities through Intercultural Education
  • e) Esmeralda Rosa Lopes (University of the Algarve, Portugal) A Practical Approach to Intercultural Communication in Higher Education
  • f) Tiberio Snaidero (Independent Scholar) For a Critical Teaching and Learning of National Languages and Cultures. Italian as a case study: From Bella Italia to Italicity

11:45am Recap concurrent sessions – Plenary meeting

12:00pm Plenary 2/Keynote: Robert Bringle (Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis) – Service-Learning in 3-D: Democratic, Diversity and Dialogue

1:00-2:00pm Lunch                                                                                           

2:00–3:00pm Concurrent Sessions 2

  • a) Phillip Motley (Elon University, USA) Design Thinking Studio in Social Innovation: An Immersive Semester Program
  • b) Bojana Culum (University of Rijeka, Croatia) and Jennifer Alkezweeny (Portland State University, USA) Community-based pedagogy: Interplay with academic and personal identities
  • c) Ivett Rita Guntersdorfer (Ludwig-Maximilians University, Germany) Intercultural Competence and Global Competence East and West – Certificate Programs in Intercultural Communication in the USA, Germany, and Hungary
  • d) Gina Ioannitou (Université du Maine, France) Cultural Inclusion of International Students: how do they perceive the American cultural and educational environment?
  • e) Mattia Baiutti (University of Udine, Italy) Student Mobility and Intercultural Citizenship: indicators of Intercultural Competence
  • f) Amy Ramson, Linda Novak and Karen Steinmayer (Hostos Community College, USA) Challenging Xenophobia Through Innovative Pedagogy

3:00-3:30pm Coffee                                                                                          

3:30-3:45pm Recap concurrent sessions – Plenary meeting

3:45-4:30pm Plenary 3: Christine Cress (Portland State University/IARSLCE Board) and Áine Gallagher (National University of Ireland Galway) Expanding Horizons of the Scholarship of Engagement: Research and Networking Opportunities with IARSLCE (International Association for Research on Service Learning and Community Engagement)

8:00pm Optional Gala Dinner for participants and presenters at Restoran Municipijum.


Friday, May 19th                                                                                                 

9:15-10:15am Plenary 4/Keynote: Michael Byram (University of Durham, UK) and Petra Rauschert (Ludwig-Maximilians University - Munich, Germany) Education for democratic culture in the foreign language classroom: Intercultural Citizenship Education and Service Learning

10:15-10:45am Coffee Break                                                                        

10:45-11:45am Concurrent Sessions 3 (8 talks of 30 min/4 rooms)

  • a) Laura Tarabusi (New York University Florence/University of Hull, Italy/UK) Exploring Intercultural Communicative Competence: assessment, learning activities and study abroad
  • b) Christen Clougherty (Nobis Project, USA) Learning to Listen: Engaging in Deep Discourse During Service-Learning
  • c) Maxine Nwigwe (NYU Steinhardt, USA) Diversity and Inclusion and Community, Oh My!: Using Engaged Scholarship to (Re)Introduce Diversity and Community into the Lexicon of Higher Education
  • d) Robert Bringle (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis,USA) Civic-Minded Graduate: A Framework for Civic Outcomes
  •  e) Mei-Lan Huang (Chang Gung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan) Enhancing the development of Intercultural communicative competence through the intercultural citizenship action
  • f) Theresa Ennis and Sandi Smith (Tennessee Technological University, USA) Engaging Students to Change the World: An Exploration of the Long-term Impact of Participation in Service-Learning Study Abroad
  • g) Koraljka Modic Stanke (University of Zagreb, Croatia Service-Learning at the University of Zagreb- Past, Present and Future

11:45am Recap concurrent sessions – Plenary meeting

12:00pm Plenary 5 Lavinia Bracci (Siena Italian Studies) & Nevin C. Brown (Foundation for Intercultural Exchange) EUFICCS: Intercultural Education for Democratic Culture and Engaged Citizens

1:00-2:00pm Lunch                                                                                           

2:00–3:30pm Concurrent Sessions 4 (90 minutes/3 rooms)                 

  • Christine Cress (Portland State University, USA), Bojana Culum (University of Rijeka, Croatia), and Crina Damsa (University of Oslo, Norway) Intercultural Differences in Community Engagement: Perspectives on Definitions, Pedagogical Strategies & Programmatic Approaches
  • Duga Mavrinac (Institute for Anthropological Research, Croatia) Young People’s Understanding of Multicultural Heritage and Intercultural Values
  • Irena Vodopija Krstanovic and Maja Brala Vukanovic (University of Rijeka, Croatia)The role of formal and informal education and training in facing the challenges of intercultural understanding and engagement
  •  Marta Milani (University of Verona, Italy) Teachers' Intercultural Competences: a Case of Verona
  • Camilla Spaliviero (Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Italy) The gestural dimension for language acquisition: an intercultural perspective
  • Annalisa Brichese (Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Italy) lnterlinguistic and intercultural communication and mediation: certify skills and competencies of mediators

3:30-4:00pm Coffee                                                                                          

4:00-4:30pm Recap concurrent sessions – Plenary meeting

4:30-5:15pm Closing Plenary and next steps.


Invited speakerS

The IH conference committee is thrilled to welcome the following figures as keynote speakers for the 2017 edition:

Martyn Barrett, University of Surrey, UK

Martyn Barrett is Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the University of Surrey, UK. He obtained his degrees from the Universities of Cambridge and Sussex. He is a developmental and social psychologist but has a strong commitment to multidisciplinary research and works with educationalists, political scientists, sociologists and policy analysts. His primary research interests are focused on young people, race, ethnicity and nation and the societal challenges that arise from cultural diversity. He is particularly interested in: the development of intercultural competence; the development of prejudice, stereotyping and intergroup attitudes; national and ethnic enculturation; and the development of political cognition, civic attitudes and active citizenship. He is currently leading a flagship project for the Council of Europe which is producing a new European framework of reference of the competences that young people require to participate effectively in democratic culture. For further information, please see www.martynbarrett.com and www.coe.int/competences

Robert Bringle, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, USA

Dr. Bringle has been involved in the development, implementation, and evaluation of educational programs directed at talented undergraduate psychology majors, high school psychology teachers, first-year students, and the introductory psychology course. As a social psychologist, he is widely known for his research on jealousy in close relationships. He was the Kulynych/Cline Visiting Distinguished Professor of Psychology at Appalachian State University from 2012-2015. Prior to that, he served as Executive Director of the Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) Center for Service and Learning (1994-2012). His work resulted in an expansion of the number of service learning courses, a curriculum for faculty development, a Community Service Scholars program, an America Reads tutoring program, and a HUD Community Outreach Partnership Center. The IUPUI service learning program was ranked 8th best in the nation among all colleges and universities in 2002 and has been listed among the best programs each subsequent year. IUPUI received a Presidential Award in 2006 as part of the first President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll. His scholarly interests for service learning, community service, and civic engagement include student and faculty attitudes and motives, educational outcomes, institutionalization, and assessment and measurement issues. For more information on his publications please visit http://psych.iupui.edu/people/robert-g-bringle

Michael Byram, University of Durham, UK

Michael Byram is Professor Emeritus in the School of Education University of Durham, England. He studied ‘Modern and Medieval Languages’ at King’s College Cambridge and completed a PhD on Danish literature. He then taught French and German in secondary and adult education. From 1980 he worked at the University of Durham in teacher training, in doctoral student supervision – with many international students – and in research on languages and education. During this time he was involved in workshops and seminars at the European Centre for Modern Languages in Graz and from 2000 became adviser to the Language Policy Division of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. He has lectured in many countries and has honorary/visiting professorships in China as well as in the UK. He is currently Guest Professor at the University of Luxembourg. His most recent authored book is From Foreign Language Education to Education for Intercultural Citizenship and he has co-edited, inter alia, the second edition of the Routledge Encyclopedia of Language Teaching and Learning (with Adelheid Hu).

Petra Rauschert, University of Munich (LMU)

Petra Rauschert works as a lecturer in the field of TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) at the University of Munich (LMU), Germany. She studied Modern Languages and Literature at the LMU and the University of Naples, Italy. Before she was appointed to a post at the LMU in 2012, she taught English and German at secondary school level in Germany and Brainerd, USA. With a research focus on Intercultural Education she gained her PhD on “Intercultural Service Learning”, an approach that combines formal learning and community service. She has been practicing Service Learning for ten years, involving secondary school and university students in local and international projects.



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Conference Program Chairs
Eliza Nash, Lavinia Bracci and Nevin Brown

About the IH Conference Committee

The Intercultural Horizons Conference Series began in 2011 and has since hosted five events both in Europe (Italy) and the US (New York City). This edition will be the first event hosted in Croatia. This conference is organized by Siena Italian Studies (Siena, Italy) and the Foundation for Intercultural Exchange (Dallas, Texas) but the conference committee would like to express its sincere gratitude to our hosts at the Faculty of Humanities Social Sciences of the University of Rijeka.


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