Below are the links to PDFs of the Plenary and Concurrent Session presentations:

Concurrent Sessions 1: 4 sections, 11am-12pm

Section A: Learning Outcomes: Intercultural Learning, Global Citizenship and Beyond

Section B: Community Engagement, Innovation and Transformation

Section C: Institutional Practices in Relation to Student Engagement in SL

Section D: Mentoring, Staffing, and Counseling: Roles in SL

Plenary meeting: Lavinia Bracci, Fiora Biagi and Nevin Brown (Foundation for Intercultural Exchange) – Enhancing Cosmopolitan Citizenship through the Service-Learning Pedagogy: Towards the Attainment of Glocal Identity

Concurrent Sessions 2: 4 sections, 2pm-3pm

Section A: Online/Distance Strategies in SL

Section B: Teacher Education and Epistemological Methods in SL

Section C: Irish Perspectives on Assessing Community Engagement


Section D: Development and Sustainability of SL and Community Engagement

Plenary meeting: Pilar Aramburuzabala and Lorraine McIlrath, Hèctor Opazo, Wolfgang Stark, Guillaume Tuytschaever (Europe Engage) –Europe Engage: Developing a Culture of Civic Engagement through Service-Learning within Higher Education in Europe

Concurrent Sessions 3: 4 sections, 4:30pm-5:30pm

Section A: Mental Health and Inclusive Strategies in SL and CE

Section B: Ethics and Human Rights in SL and CE

Section C: SL and Primary/Secondary Education

Section D: Examples of Issues in Student Outcomes in SL: Motivation, Citizenship Education