Johnny Gonzalez

With degrees in Architecture and a Master in Management of Teaching English as a Second Language, Johnny has been passionate about education and language acquisition for decades. He has served as a foreign language teacher at the American Language School, Copei, and as Director of International Programs, specializing in student exchange and Service-Learning at various universities. Johnny has also been passionate about non-profit initiatives, acting as Director of Community Service Programs in handling external relations with a series of NGOs, such as: Fundación Crecer, Hospital León Becerra, Junta de Beneficencia, Children International, Escuelas fiscales, Fundación VIHDA, Solca, among others.

In his current role as Director General at the USA – Ecuador Bi National Center, Centro Ecuatoriano Norteamericano de Guayaquil, he pursues the mission to promote the union of American and Ecuadorian cultures through cultural promotion and teaching.