The Foundation for Intercultural Exchange offers scholarships to students who are committed to Service-Learning and desire to participate in study abroad programs that integrate community engagement into their academic curriculum, as part of a cultural full-immersion. Currently, available scholarships are in amounts of up to $2,000 USD to be used to cover a portion of program costs.



  1. Official admission to the Study Abroad program.
  2. Scholarship application.
  3. Proof of financial need.
  4. Commitment to Service-Learning, in the form of a letter of recommendation that can speak to past community service experience and dedication to others.
  5. A statement of intent addressing the following:
    • Commitment to Service-Learning
      • What have you done in the past?
      • How have you served your community?
      • How have previous experiences changed/impacted you?
    • Intercultural exchanges and engagement
      • Previous experiences interacting with cultures different than your own.
      • Foreign language studies.
    • Financial need
      • The amount needed, how it will make a difference on your studies, and why do you deserve it.
  6. Meet the academic and Service-Learning requirements established by the program.
  7. Complete final project to be submitted to the Foundation of Intercultural Exchange.
    • Final reflection essay (1,000 words).
    • Photographic documentation of service work.