Scholarship Application

Below is the application form for the Foundation for Intercultural Exchange scholarship.  The scholarships available are in the amount of up to $2,000 USD to be used to cover a portion of program costs.



  1. Complete and submit the application form below.

  2. Download, print and submit by email ( all the supporting documents and forms listed here:

    • Letter of admission from the Study Abroad program in which you will be participating. It must clearly state that it is a Service-Learning based program, the tuition & fees and any other related costs for your participation.

    • Letter of recommendation and any other evidence that can speak to your community service experience, dedication to others, and commitment to Service-Learning.

    • Statement of Intent (min. 1,000 words) addressing the following:

      • Commitment to Service-Learning

        • What have you done in the past?

        • How have you served your community?

        • How have previous experiences changed/impacted you?

      • Intercultural exchanges and engagement

        • Previous experiences interacting with cultures different than your own.

        • Foreign language studies.

      • Financial need

        • The amount needed, how it will make a difference on your studies, and why do you deserve it.

    • Evidence of good academic standing (i.e. grade report, transcript, etc.)

    • Proof of financial aid that you are currently receiving to pay for your university studies.
      (i.e. letters of confirmation, statements, etc.)

    • Signed forms

      • Publicity release

      • Scholarship agreement



Scholarship recipients will be notified by email. Scholarship funds will be fully and directly disbursed to the study abroad program to help cover a portion of program costs.

Recipients will be required to:

  • Complete minimum 7 hours per week of Service-Learning.

  • Meet the academic requirements established by the program.

  • Complete a final project to be submitted to the Foundation of Intercultural Exchange.

    • Final reflection essay (1,000 words).

    • Photographic documentation of service work.


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