Most is the Polish word for bridge. Therefore, the Siena-Lublin Most (SILUMOST) project is born to create an intercultural bridge between Siena and Lublin. The main objective is to involve students to experience Siena across language and culture with an interdisciplinary and reflective approach. Thanks to the collaboration with the Catholic University of Lublin (KUL) and its unique tradition, it was possible to develop the project with the participation of KUL students in 2017 and the following years. The current aim of the project is to enlarge the network of the participating universities and institutions in order to create an even bigger and more impactful intercultural connection between Siena, Lublin and other Polish cities.

As a Foundation, we currently support this project by providing financial aid to the participating groups of students. This serves as a substantial help to cover the costs of their stay in Siena, which is organized by Siena Italian Studies.



  1. Summer 2017: 6 students

  2. Summer 2018: 8 students

  3. Summer 2019: 6 students

Are you a student or an academic institution interested in participating? Please direct your questions to Jakob Lysakowski, Project Coordinator at