What’s Different About Lawn Mower Batteries?

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A riding lawn mower requires a battery to start the engine. Just like a car battery, lawn mower batteries come in many different sizes and designs. Explore the differences between these battery types today. Discover how to properly purchase and install one before heading out to keep your lawn manicured.

How To Properly Choose a Battery for Your Lawn Mower

Before you select a battery, it’s important to understand what is a lawn mower battery. These lead-acid components hold a charge powerful enough to start an engine, even in cold weather. Here are the two key features of a battery to compare:

  • Cold cranking amps
  • Terminal position

The cold-cranking amps describe the amount of power a battery can deliver at 0 degrees Fahrenheit during a 30-second interval. While you’re not likely to start up a lawn mower at temperatures below freezing, this rating is used for all lead-acid batteries. You don’t need to worry about sizing up your mower battery, so only shop for batteries iwth the same rating.

Battery terminal positioning doesn’t change the way a battery operates, but it does determine whether a particular unit will fit your riding mower. Most lawn mowers use Group U1 batteries with U1L or U1R terminal positions.

Always check your owner’s manual before choosing a battery. Use the same terminal positioning and cold cranking amps recommended by the mower manufacturer to ensure safe and efficient power.

How To Properly Install Your Lawn Mower Battery

Before you attempt to replace a dead lawn mower battery, test it to see if it can still hold a charge. Learn how to charge a lawn mower battery and recharge your battery if it can still hold a charge. This will save you the time and cost of replacing a battery.

If you have experience changing a car battery, then a lawn mower battery will be a straightforward process. Start by inspecting the battery for signs of cracks or leaking. Use extreme caution when working with a damaged battery, as the acid could burn you. Consider wearing gloves and safety glasses to avoid injury.

Most lawn mower batteries are under the hood or under the seat of your mower. Carefully remove the negative cable from the battery terminal, taking care not to touch the positive terminal or touch the cables together. Once the negative cable is fully removed, then you can use your screwdriver or wrench to remove the positive cable.

Remove any strap and slowly take the battery out, using care not to tip it on its side. Place the new battery in the same spot and follow the same directions.

Always start with the positive cable, then install the negative battery cable to the terminal. Consider using petroleum jelly to coat the terminals to reduce the risk of corrosion.

Shop for a New Battery Today

Prepare for a busy season of mowing your lawn and caring for your landscaping with a fully maintained lawn mower. Shop for batteries by size and terminal position before checking out the best brands and warranty options online. Compare name-brand options head to head before ordering the best component for your riding mower.

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