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What areas are there in this niche and who else should understand target settings and promotion on marketplaces?

Why internet marketing is useful

Its tools help promote products and services only to those who already need them or are potentially interested. And also – evaluate the effectiveness of the advertising campaign with precision for each client and manage the budget correctly. That’s why more and more brands are opting for a digital rather than a traditional approach.

By the end of 2023, the global Internet marketing market could reach $363.05 billion. In the future, its turnover will only increase – according to experts, by 13.1% every year until 2032. In USA, the size of the online advertising market is also impressive. Last year it reached 389.2 billion rubles and continues to grow. New promotion tools are emerging that require different knowledge and skills: from content marketing to brand management.

Specialists with fresh approaches are in demand in medicine, education, tourism, finance and IT. And they are paid well too. For example, in the high-tech industry, marketers earn an average of 108 thousand rubles per month. The specific amount depends on the employee’s skills—an experienced specialist may be offered 200 thousand.

In addition to the fact that some area of ​​Internet marketing can become a new profession, certain tools will also be useful to other professionals:

  • Specialists who work with classic marketing tools. Like outdoor advertising or media placements. Understanding digital tools will strengthen your portfolio and expand your job search opportunities.
  • To managers. At a minimum, to have an idea of ​​what kind of conversions and prices per lead the marketing team is talking about.
  • Small business owners. Small teams can rarely afford different specialists and work with all promotion channels. Therefore, it is useful to understand the basics of Internet marketing yourself.
  • For beginning entrepreneurs. Even if you just dream of baking cakes or restoring furniture, adding beautiful photos to your social networks and waiting for orders is not enough. It is important to be able to analyze the market yourself, choose sites for promotion, set up advertising, monitor analytics and constantly work with a loyal core of audience.

What professions are there in internet marketing?

To promote on the Internet, many tools, platforms and approaches are used. Large market players try to use them all, and young companies, as a rule, hire several specialists for priority areas.

Traffic manager

This is a specialist who attracts clients through paid traffic channels. For example, through contextual advertising in search engines or targeted advertising in social networks. In addition, he can promote through opinion leaders – bloggers, show business stars or popular speakers.

The list of responsibilities of a traffic manager only partially overlaps with an SMM specialist and targetologist, because such an employee uses a larger set of tools. With their help, he brings visitors not only to social networks, but also to websites, landing pages, and mobile applications.

SMM specialist

The message operator’s task is to manage brand pages on social networks. In addition to creating interesting and useful content and answering questions from subscribers, his tasks include working with analytics and testing hypotheses. This is the name given to assumptions about a business that can be confirmed or refuted. Let’s say we check which of the two visuals attracts more young audiences. It will be a plus for an SMM specialist if he understands advertising settings, but in large companies it is most often launched by another employee – a targetologist.


This employee is responsible for ensuring that advertising on social networks reaches the desired audience. If the video on TV is seen by everyone who turned on the channel, then the Internet audience can be segmented according to different principles – gender, age, country of residence, interests. The targetologist decides who, taking these parameters into account, should show the product. For example, advertises baby food only to young people who are likely to have recently become parents or are planning a child. And information about the new driving school is shown to public audiences of other educational institutions – some subscribers are probably looking for something suitable.

Content marketer

Develops a strategy for promoting a product or service using content – texts, photographs, videos. To do this, a specialist can choose different channels – from social networks and newsletters to podcasts and thematic blogs of the company. The content manager links all options into a single promotion system to get the best result for the business. By the way, such a professional rarely does anything with his hands, but can manage a team that includes an SMM specialist, a copywriter, a photographer and other employees.

SEO specialist

Knows how to optimize a website for search engines so that it appears in the top results for key queries and attracts more traffic. According to statistics, most users view only the first search page and only 4% move to the fourth and further. If the site is at the bottom of the search results, there is a high probability that a potential client will simply not scroll to it and will order the product from competitors.

Marketplace Manager

Needed to coordinate sales and promote company products on large trading platforms. The profession combines the skills of a marketer, manager and analyst, to which must be added a thorough knowledge of the features of any marketplaces. Such a manager studies the target audience, sets prices for goods, draws up a sales plan, removes unpopular items and adds new ones. He delegates some responsibilities. For example, he may instruct a designer to create the design of product cards, and a copywriter to create their description. Typically, the larger the company, the more employees will work as a team with a manager.

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