5 unique Hobbies for children

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Today’s world is surrounded by technology. The benefits of technology have proven to show how efficiently simple tasks can be completed. Tech has also become part of day-to-day routines since the pandemic hit. School lessons were attended virtually and many individuals were forced out of their workplace and temporarily asked to work from home. Gaming, Netflix tv series and social media became some of the main sources of leisure and since has become more popular amongst youngsters. But what does this mean for children today? Sadly, it means that children have lost touch with hobbies and activities that were once common amongst most, due to technology becoming so common and easily accessible. It has now become a necessity amongst parents to encourage their children to pick up a hobby that will help them build vital skills and become closer to nature. Are you on the search for some ideas? Advised by a private girl’s school in Hertfordshire, here are 5 unique hobbies for children.

The importance of hobbies for children is far more beneficial than perceived. It can shape the personality of a child by helping them build and develop skills that will be needed for their adulthood. Children become more confident, self-reliant and independent. It helps them pick up life skills in order to live life as a healthy adult whilst instilling qualities such as empathy, compassion and patience. If there is a specific hobby you feel your child will excel in or something that you would like them to do in their spare time, start by setting an example. Children learn from their elders so if they become exposed to small elements of the hobby, they may start to show real interest in it.

  1. As a child, this is a space to be messy and get creative with different colours. Some children will choose to go wild whereas others will take their time planning out the perfect picture. The point is, every child loves to get creative. Painting allows children to develop their fine motor skills as well as their hand eye coordination. A child’s art is more than a few blobs of paint on a sheet of paper, it’s a form of healthy expression. Give your child the space to come up with creations regularly and ask them to talk you through what they’ve painted. You may find you’ve got a hidden Picasso on your hands!
  2. Animal care. Children are naturally curious and have a built-in desire to learn about the world. Bringing a pet into the house or allowing your child to volunteer at animal shelters can be a great way for them to become aware of the lives of animals. It teaches responsibility and provides comfort and companionship.
  3. Get them familiar with the outdoors. Ask them to help plant new flowers or use their energy to dig up some old shrubs. Not only will they have the chance to get their hands dirty, but they’ll also be able to witness the magic of plants sprouting from tiny seeds.
  4. Children have a thirst for wanting to find out more of what they don’t know. For some, the sky is not the limit. Space is a world of its own full of planets and stars for millions and millions of miles. This can become a well-loved and potential lifelong career in the future.
  5. Music. Music appeals to everyone, especially children. Introduce an instrument that you feel your child would enjoy practicing and allow them to express themselves through it. Music elevates mood and reduces stress leading a much healthier individual. Get them started today!

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