Top 5 Ways to Use Your Air Compressor

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Air compressors are a versatile addition to any home, making light work of a surprisingly broad range of tasks from DIY through to car maintenance and repair. Here are our top five uses for your air compressor:


If you’ve spent the day doing DIY that involves filing, planing, sanding or sawing, you can quickly clean up the debris with your air compressor. Drop the pressure to a low level (30 psi or less) and you can blow the dust and shavings into a neat pile or straight into a waste bin. Need to clean between the keys on your keyboard or inside machinery or equipment? You can use a directed stream of air to dislodge and remove dust and dirt without applying water or chemicals which could potentially damage your belongings.


Inflate balloons, paddling pools, inflatable chairs, beds, and other items quickly and easily with your air compressor. An often overlooked use is in getting your barbecue going – once you’ve got some embers you can stoke the flames by turning the pressure right down and aiming for the base. You’ll be ready to cook in no time at all!


If you’re putting furniture together or laying floorboards, skirting, or wall panels, you’ll quickly grow tired of hammering in nail after nail. Using your air compressor with a nail gun attachment turns a dull and laborious task into a quick and precise one (no more missing the nail and hitting either your wood or your thumb). If you’re into carpentry or like to upcycle, you can use an air sander attachment to make your sanding fast and pain-free. It’s easier than manual sanding and can be more consistent and manageable than an electric sander, which can overheat during prolonged use.


For fast, smooth, consistent results there is nothing like a paint gun attachment for your air compressor. You can get the paint applied much more rapidly and evenly than using rollers or brushes, and if you have delicate or intricate areas (like cornicing or details on your cupboards) the spray gun will make light work of them, too.

Vehicle repair and maintenance

A fairly common use for your air compressor is in keeping your tyres perfectly inflated (maximising your miles to the gallon), but a less obvious use is in removing hard-to-reach bolts. You can use an air ratchet attachment to get fast results without straining and spraining. You can also use your air compressor to blow away congealed oils and lubricants, remove rust and dust and generally keep your car clean and tidy.

An air compressor is great for a wide range of uses, and it’s also pretty fun to use. Always make sure to follow common sense though, as well as any specific safety instructions that come with either the compressor or any attachments you are using. Never use a higher pressure than recommended, always use safety goggles where appropriate and check your compressor, gauges, hoses, and attachments for damage or blockages before you get started each and every time.

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