Important Things to Know About Tattoo Script

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Choosing the right font and script style is crucial when getting a tattoo. Several options are available, and you may find your choice more personal. For example, there are pure illustrations made with pure illustration software, while others are created with a script design. Therefore, it would be best to learn about the script before visiting a tattoo artist.

Dancing Script

Dancing Script is a basic style that is fun and lively. The letters are large and move below the baseline, giving the style a feminine feel. 

There are some script fonts available. Some of the most common examples include wedding invitations and business cards. Other uses include awards and certificates. You can even use a script font to design a website title. Another good option for a cursive font is Self Deception, which has a delicate and loopy appearance. It is good for use in headlines and blog posts. You might want to learn how to draw tattoo script and make it a hobby. 

Romantic script style

If you want a script style with a classic look, Josefin is a great choice. The serif font’s thin lines and sharp angles give it a comic appearance and work well for blocks of text and single lines. This style is similar to Kabel, Lato, and Alata and is available for free download.

This script style works best for quotes and single words. It has thin, elegant lines and is available in TTF and OTF file formats. It also includes multilingual features. It’s also free and available for commercial use. Finally, it’s an elegant option for couples who want their tattoos to evoke a romantic atmosphere.

Bodega Script

Bodega Script is a classic cursive font that looks elegant and regal. It is perfect for tattoo designs that involve lovey-dovey words, a couple’s names, or a matching tattoo. However, it is not appropriate for longer lines of text since each letter takes a lot of skill to write correctly.

Its distinctive hand-printing effect is similar to someone’s handwriting. It is also appropriate for tattoos with a handwritten-like script. The various variations of this typeface are ideal for frightening and adorably romantic themes.

Script tattoos are also popular. They allow for more creative expression. However, choosing the right font is essential. You want to ensure that the font you choose matches the word you want to tattoo. Some fonts are more appropriate for this type of design than others.


Miama is a script perfect for tattoos with meaningful quotes or song lyrics. The style is more versatile than other cursive styles and can be bolded to give a more masculine or feminine appearance. The style is also fairly straightforward to find a tattoo artist who can use it to write your tattoo. It’s best to bring a photo of the tattoo you want with style, so the artist can ensure it’s the right font for your tattoo.

The typewriter font is one of the most recognizable fonts on the market. It’s very easy to read and looks great with script tattoos. This style is also very versatile and is often used in graphic design elements.

Hand printed

This scarf from M. Josefin looks like it’s been hand-printed and has a unique design. The bold lines and color palette are feminine and romantic but have an edgy edge with rose gold glitter. The scarf is also made of linen, giving it a more rustic look.

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