The Is the Key Difference Between CBD and CBN

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The CBD market has exploded in recent years. Countless producers are creating CBD products, and millions of Americans are using them on a daily basis.

CBD is a natural product that comes from the hemp plant. And it’s legal nationwide, thanks to the Farm Act of 2018 which distinguished hemp from marijuana.

Anyone can head to their local grocery store and pick up some CBD to try it out. But there are similar products you should know about as well when seeking natural remedies, like CBN.

What’s the difference between CBD and CBN, and which product should you try first? That’s exactly what we discuss below. Keep reading to find out now.

What Is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol. It’s one of the chemical components naturally found in the marijuana plant.

It can get extracted from both hemp and marijuana plants. Both these plants are the same, except marijuana contains THC, the psychoactive compound that gets users high when they smoke weed.

Hemp on the other hand doesn’t contain THC. That’s why CBD products that originate from hemp plants are legal nationwide.

There are different types of CBD products, but it’s usually consumed in oil form, where the extract is combined with a consumable oil like coconut oil to dilute it and make it easier to use.

You can also get liquid CBD, which is water-soluble, unlike oil-based products.

While further research is needed, many people take CBD as a non-addictive, natural means of support for sleep, anxiety, and pain. Other benefits of CBD include helping prevent seizures.

What Is CBN?

There are other types of cannabinoids found in marijuana and hemp plants. One of which is CBN, or cannabinol.

CBN is produced when THC breaks down. Therefore, CBN comes from the marijuana plant specifically.

It is slightly psychoactive, but not nearly as much as standard THC. So you will feel a little bit of a high when using CBN.

The Difference Between CBD and CBN

CBD vs CBN, what’s the main difference?

CBD is the second most common cannabinoid found in hemp and marijuana plants. As a result, it makes up most of the cannabinoid market, since it’s widely available.

CBD is certified by the FDA to help treat two forms of epilepsy and prevent seizures. It’s also widely touted as a form of support for anxiety and depression.

CBN on the other hand comes specifically from THC and does produce some feelings of high, unlike CBD. It isn’t known for its help with seizures, but otherwise provides many of the same benefits as CBD.

Due to CBN being derived from THC, however, it means that availability is lower since THC products are heavily regulated in many states.

Start With CBD

Now that you understand the difference between CBD and CBN, you can choose the product t that’s best for you. Most people start their cannabinoid journey with CBD since it’s accessible and easy to consume.

Once you understand how CBD works with your body, you can experiment with other types of products.

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