Top 5 Tips for Restaurant Online Reputation Management

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When someone wants to try a new restaurant, checking for online information is often one of the first things they’ll do. To ensure the best business outcomes for your restaurant, online reputation management is vital. Here are five tips to get you started.

1. Get a Working Website

You are ultimately the most authoritative and accurate source of information on your restaurant. It’s important to have this all in one spot. Having a website that works properly, with no outdated menus or dead links is key to a good online reputation. Keep things updated, like hours, prices, specials, and new menu items.

2. Look Out for News Alerts

Restaurants often make appearances in the press. This is even more likely if your business is in a big city with broad media coverage. You may not always know when your restaurant gets reviewed by a newspaper reporter or food blogger. Keep track of new online mentions of your restaurant by signing up for news alerts. These are available on most major search engines.

3. Write Negative Review Responses

Bad reviews can ultimately ruin a restaurant. It doesn’t take much to send someone running, and with that, you’ve lost a potential long-term customer. That’s why it’s important to stay on top of the latest customer reviews. With proactive online reputation management tactics, the blow of a negative review can be softened. Many major customer review sites and apps allow restaurants to respond to reviews. This lets you tell your side of the story and shows potential customers that you care.

4. Have Active Social Media

Social media can be a great way to show off the things that make your restaurant unique. When you post new content regularly, it provides a way for you to actively engage with customers. Consider sharing pictures of freshly prepared food, videos of your cooks hard at work, or special online deals. Don’t be afraid to get creative and show personality.

5. Encourage Reviews That are Positive

Loyal customers who come back regularly are likely to be your best source for positive reviews. When people compliment your food in person, don’t hesitate to ask them to go online to leave a good review. Since they already appreciate you, they’ll be more likely to help.

Effectively managing your restaurant’s online reputation takes some work. Putting in the effort to do this will pay off over time and keep your business thriving.

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