Top 4 Beautiful Underwater Hotels

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Didn’t everyone ever imagine living in an underwater palace when they were young?

That innocent imagination has finally come true! just now! We’ll introduce you to the world’s unique Underwater Hotels that you didn’t know, so please follow along!

Top Four Under Underwater Hotels

1. Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur, India

Taj Lake Palace - Top Underwater Hotels

Image Credit: Wikimedia

A huge palace floats on a lake in India! Isn’t it amazing that it is a floating palace on the water? The name of this palace is Lake Taj Palace!

Inside the hotel, there are 66 rooms and 17 suites. Do you really feel like a princess if you stay overnight at Lake Taj Palace?

2. Tanzania Manta Resort

Tanzania Manta Resort - Top Underwater Hotels

How would it feel to sleep with colorful fish in the sea? You will feel as if you have become a little mermaid in a fairy tale, right? Actually, not in a fairy tale, this is possible in reality.

Tanzania-the Manta Resort on Pemba Island! The bedrooms at Manta Resort have glass walls on all sides and are submerged in the sea so you can sleep with a variety of fish.

3. Sentosa Beach Villas in Singapore

Sentosa Beach Villas in Singapore

What if you could sleep overnight in the world’s largest aquarium? It will be the most wonderful memory, right? At Sentosa Beach Villas in Singapore, you can stay with 50,000 sea friends in a stunning aquarium! Lying in bed and watching stingrays and sharks swim This is Paradise!

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According to people who have been to Sentosa Beach Villas, not only does the hotel look great, but it also has a lot of amenities such as Wi-Fi, luxurious dining, and private butler service!

4. Serbia Salt & Water Catamaran

Serbia Salt & Water Catamaran - Top Underwater Hotels

What if the hotel floats like a boat? You also have a chance to be the hero of a movie on a romantic trip on a cruise! Right away? Thanks to the Serbia Salt & Water Catamaran Hotel!

This cruise-style hotel usually can accommodate 2-4 people. Catamaran Hotels are said to guarantee the best honey holidays onboard the sea! With a loved one? Vacation on board. How romantic is it!?

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