3 Safety Reminders Before Buying Online Gift Cards Using Bitcoin

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Online Gift Cards have always been popular. You can give them to your nearest and dearest to celebrate every occasion from birthdays to Thanksgiving. They save you the embarrassment of giving an unsuitable present. A gift card lets the lucky recipient purchase whatever they like up to the stated cost. Purchasing gift cards online is now easier than ever when you use cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Lite. But there are a few hazards to consider when you buy cryptocurrencies.

1. Money Laundering

It’s hardly surprising that when you buy Bitcoin cryptocurrency you could be cheated out of your cash. A cryptocurrency only exists in cyberspace and provides dealers with the means of keeping their activities secret. Identities can be concealed behind a cryptocurrency address so you can’t tell who you’re purchasing your gift cards from. Some states disapprove of changing your favorite cryptocurrency back into cash. It can often be viewed as money laundering or tax evasion. But for dealers, gift cards can sometimes be a way of circumventing the law. However, cryptocurrency legislation is catching up with this amazing blockchain technology. Contrary to popular belief, it’s now possible to trace cryptocurrency transactions. So, to avoid being caught up in the criminal web, it’s important to only buy gift cards with cryptocurrencies from a reliable vendor.

2. Your Online Security Can be Compromised

Purchasing gift cards with a cryptocurrency need strong security. Research has shown that most cryptocurrency dealers are usually well-educated and middle-aged, so they understand much more than the rest of us when it comes to the virtual world. Sadly, some may even belong to criminal gangs who are adept at hacking into your online account. They’ll steal your Bitcoins or Ethereum in a flash unless your security has superior encryption. However, every online activity needs protection from a competent online security company. Before buying gift cards with cryptocurrencies, you should use strong passwords and ensure your security is up to date.

3. Are Your Gift Cards Legal?

Bitcoin, considered the first digital currency, was invented in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. There are now around 2,350 cryptocurrencies out there. All cryptocurrency is volatile and dealers who make a living from trading them often purchase gift cards as a fast way to trade anonymously when they buy cryptocurrencies. Be wary of what appears to be a good deal when buying gift cards from an unverified source. Legally, anyone purchasing gift cards is not supposed to resell them. You could be purchasing gift cards that are being illegally sold, in addition, the volatile nature of digital currencies means you could pay more than the gift card is worth. Always look for a reputable gift card vendor to avoid being cheated by scammers.

How to Safely Buy Gift Cards with Cryptocurrencies

When you want to give a versatile gift, online gift cards are an ideal choice. Many people including doting grandparents love buying gift cards online. They are suitable for all age groups including teenagers with ever-changing interests. You can choose from many popular categories such as e-commerce, gaming, and sports. or even use them in restaurants. Buy gift cards with cryptocurrencies is often a way of being able to spend in a higher price range due to the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies. But avoiding the hazards is easy when you follow a simple rule. Always buy gift cards with Bitcoin from an honest, reliable vendor. It’s the best way to Avoid the risks listed above.

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