6 Tips to Best Enjoy the Flavors of Organic Darjeeling Tea

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Tea lovers focus on the aroma and flavor in their beverage for a perfect cup of tea. Darjeeling Tea making is quite a complex process that requires accurate measuring of the ingredients for a crisp taste full of flavor. You will also need legit tea leaves to have just the right taste. Golden tips tea can help you get authentic tea leaves irrespective of the type, say, green, black, or white. Flavors in this tea have various factors they depend on, ranging from the season the leaves are picked, the time of day, and the sets in which they are processed.

This tea stimulates the growth of good bacteria, which helps in losing weight. The black tea leaves to be specific, help prevent cavities and plaque by reducing the bacteria production rate.

Below are some tips you can look into to enjoy your flavored Darjeeling beverage.

1. Store the tea leaves Correctly

Generally, tea leaves are dried for storage and should not be exposed to oxygen and moisture but should be kept dry for proper storage. The more you expose your tea leaves in the open, the more you mess up the tea’s taste. If you don’t want to drink a flat beverage, you can get yourself an airtight sealed aluminum jar that’ll help preserve the tea leaves’ quality and flavor.

2. Avoid tap Water

For your tea, water is a crucial ingredient. Anything foreign in the water can interfere with the natural taste of this tea. Tap water has minerals like salt, iron, and chlorine, which can change the whole flavor of your drink. To get just the right taste means brewing the tea with packaged drinking water or using a modern water purifier.

3. Correctly Introduce the tea leaves into Hot Water

To obtain your smooth, loose leaf tea, you need to put the tea leaves first before the hot water. Using infusion balls, say the metallic ones, will tweak the taste altogether. You don’t need to streamline the process while making this tea; using the metal balls at the expense of the original taste is not worth it.

4. Loose Leaf tea vs tea bags tea

For this type of tea, we would want to get the best out of it. Whole leaf tea has a chunk of benefits over the broken tea leaves put in teabags. When steeped properly, Darjeeling loose leaf tea has better taste, is environment friendly, and goes a long way to save you money. Teabags have less flavor and health benefits than whole leaf tea because breaking the Darjeeling tea leaves into finer particles reduces their effectiveness.

5. Use Appropriate Equipment in the Brewing

Most people tend to use the wrong equipment and find themselves drinking low-quality tea just because of improper apparatus in preparation. Porcelain pots from China are one of the recommended for steeping this type of tea. However, if you have different types of tea leaves, brewing them in the same pot will interfere with each produces’ authentic taste. Therefore, you are strongly advised to use different equipment for the different varieties to avoid such a scenario.

6. Avoid Milk and Sugar in your tea

This Darjeeling beverage will not have its original natural taste if you add these two because they bring out a whole new taste in the beverage. Nonetheless, lemon juice drops are a good additive as it rhymes with the tea.

Final thoughts

If you would like to try this tea out, visit the online tea and coffee shop to buy this Darjeeling tea online and always begin your mornings with a tasteful beneficial drink.

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