Common Reasons People Receive IV Therapy

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IV therapy is an effective way to deliver nutrients and medication a patient cannot get through their digestive system. Medications for hormone deficiency, cancer, and pain control are common reasons people receive IV therapy.

During treatment, vitamins and minerals are delivered directly into the bloodstream, allowing a faster absorption rate. It also helps the body absorb toxins more efficiently.

Sore Muscles

You’ll likely feel muscle pain and soreness during intense exercise or any activity that stresses your muscles. This pain is a normal part of the healing process and will disappear within 48 hours.

If you’re experiencing soreness that won’t subside or have difficulty moving around, you should get IV therapy from clinics such as Evolve Wellness & Health. Through sweating, IV therapy can help you replenish fluids, salts, and lost nutrients.

It can make a massive difference in recovery after a workout or injury. Plus, it can speed up the healing process, reduce inflammation, and decrease pain.

Decreased Energy

If you’re feeling run down and low on energy, it’s essential to seek the care of a professional healthcare provider. They can assess your needs precisely and find the best way to address them quickly and effectively.

IV therapy is a great option to help you restore your energy levels. It delivers a combination of fluids, vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids directly to the bloodstream for fast, effective results.

It is also helpful if you’re experiencing fatigue after a workout or during an illness. Recovery IV drips are intended to hydrate you, strengthen your immune system, and mend any injuries you may have sustained. It can also relieve symptoms of hangovers, food poisoning and general exhaustion. It can be a convenient and affordable alternative to taking medications.


IV therapy offers a fast and effective way to restore energy levels by giving your body fluids and nutrients. These treatments can help with various symptoms and conditions, including dehydration, brain fog, fatigue, and anemia.

Many of these therapies are designed to support your immune system as well. They include nutrients that boost your natural immunity and reduce the chances of getting sick.

A typical IV treatment will include a hospital-grade sterile saline solution, but other vitamins and supplements can also be added to the mix. Some standard options include a vitamin B12 booster, glutathione, high-dose vitamin C, and more.


Insufficient red blood cells, known as anemia, prevent your body from supplying oxygen to tissues. It can lead to various symptoms, including fatigue (tiredness), dizziness, headaches, and cold hands and feet.

It can also cause heart problems, such as chest pain or an irregular heartbeat called arrhythmias. Your immune system may be weakened. As a result, you are increasing your vulnerability to infections.

Weight Gain

IV therapy is a safe, low-risk treatment that delivers fluids and nutrients directly to your bloodstream. It is an effective way to boost your metabolism and optimize your body’s ability to lose weight.

IV weight loss drips provide your body with lipotropic compounds, vitamins, and hydrating fluids that support fat loss. However, they must be used with a healthy diet and regular exercise to get the most out of the treatment.

MIC (methionine inositol choline cyanocobalamin) is an ingredient commonly found in IV therapy for weight loss, and it can help your body burn fatty deposits. L-carnitine is another ingredient in most weight loss IVs, and it can reduce fat mass and enhance muscle growth.

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