7 Home Improvement Ideas Ideal to Carry Out in the Summer Season

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In many ways, summer is a great time to undertake some home DIY. If you want to improve your garden or your residence’s exterior, you can do it all in comfortably warm weather – and, if you are eager to work on the interior, the building could often be empty due to its usual occupants enjoying the sun outside. As for exactly what home DIY work you could do…


“It costs nothing except a week or two of your time, and the ability to let go and part ways with unneeded clutter that no longer brings you or your home joy,” lifestyle design expert Emilie Dulles tells Better Homes & Gardens. You could even make a little money by selling surplus items – money that could then go towards other home improvements, such as

Converting the Loft

A loft conversion is – you probably won’t be too surprised to read – a major undertaking, though it becomes easier if you rope in some professionals to help.

For example, if you want to stabilize and expand your loft’s flooring, you should heed that Instaloft provides a great loft boarding service – and could even fit a permanent ladder for entry to your loft.


If you’ve noticed paint cracking or peeling in certain areas of your home, why not look at restoring this paint’s condition?

Even if you blunder in the attempt, keep in mind that any sloppy paint jobs can easily be rectified – making painting an especially beginner-friendly DIY activity, but still one capable of making a big impact.

Checking the gutters

While summery weather is unlikely to pose a major threat to your gutters, the colder seasons yet to come surely could. Winter can bring snow that accumulates in those gutters, while even spring can be somewhat rainy and put your downspouts under pressure.

That’s why, before the summer is out, you should check your gutters and, if necessary, clean them – using a ladder, a bucket, heavy-duty gloves, a gutter scoop and, for your garden hose, a gutter cleaning attachment.

Adding New Plants to the Garden

Your home’s garden is crucial to the first impressions it garners in potential homebuyers – and there’s no shortage of aesthetically pleasing flowers you could add to your green space. Examples of these flowers that would also be easy to look after as they grow include perennials, lupines and hydrangeas.

Cleaning or Replacing AC filters

The filters of your home’s air conditioning system could, over time, pick up dirt if they aren’t regularly changed – but, fortunately, cleaning or replacing those filters doesn’t have to be overly arduous. That’s a good thing, too, given that neglected filters can trigger allergies by letting dust and mold fester.

Water, Water, Everywhere

According to data posted by Real Simple, swimming pool repair was one of the top-trending home improvement projects in the spring just gone. As also revealed, installing a sprinkler or irrigation system wasn’t far behind in the popularity stakes. Well, hey, water is especially easy to appreciate when outside temperatures rise.

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