How to Clean the Mousepad : Tips

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A clean mousepad is very important to your computer device. Definitely repeatedly braking and jumping the cursor on the computer screen. This may be due to the action of the mouse itself, but most of this is caused by blockages on the rug surface. It is especially inconvenient when working on detailed graphics programs or games, especially when there are fine movements and problems with 2/100 seconds. If you don’t want to be annoyed about this and worry about every time the cursor moves, you can simply clean the mousepad. The cleaning method differs depending on the material of the mouse.

How to Clean a Fabric Mousepad

A thin rubber-padded mousepad with a fabric coating is the best fit, less budget, and a common option-below is usually made of rubber to prevent the product from slipping on the table. To clean it you will need a soft whisk, a washbasin and a brush with detergent.

  1. Add a little warm water to the basin and place the mat there. Rinse the product by lathering it with regular soap and rubbing it with a brush. This is the initial step in cleansing where we simply remove dirt and contamination.
  2. The next step is to use a shampoo made of silicone. In fact, silicone leaves a thin layer on the surface, which allows the mouse to adhere well to the coating and be more sensitive to every movement.
  3. After rubbing the shampoo with silicone, let it sit for 30 minutes. After the specified time, you need to wash the mat and repeat the procedure.
  4. Do not rinse the shampoo too thoroughly after the last step. A thin layer of silicone should remain on the mat surface. The principle of surgery is the same as the hair. Silicone wraps around each hair, giving them longer hair, and wrapping the mat with a thinner additional coating to create a better disability.
  5. To dry the mousepad, you need to straighten it without wrinkles and kinks, leaving small wrinkles on the rug significantly reduces the function of the item.
  6. A similar effect can be achieved with the help of hair if you do not have a shampoo with silicone in your hands.
  7. Fabric rugs cannot be used until completely dry. This is especially true if it is a tree that is sitting at the table. A wet mat not only spoils the wooden surface of the table, it can also damage the computer mouse.

This simple motion algorithm not only cleans the mat, but also helps to clean the mat. If you don’t want to bother with manual cleaning of the mouse, you can wash it in a washing machine. To do this, wrap a fabric mouse in a canvas bag and place a drum. Wash at medium temperature without spin function. Otherwise, the mouse may deform.

How to Clean Plastic and Aluminum Mats

It’s easier to clean a hard carpet mat, you’ll need to take a rag or sponge for this. As a detergent, you can choose powder, laundry soap, and detergent. Prepare warm soapy water and lower the mat, if the mat is plastic, the water should not be hot-high temperatures can harm and deform the material. Wipe all surfaces and creases carefully, especially if you have a palm rest. Pay attention to the back side of the rug-of course, it does not participate in functionality, but in terms of aesthetics, it needs to be cleaned.

After that, wipe the aluminum or plastic mat under running water to avoid soap stains. Then wipe the cloth carefully. The final step is polishing. Ensures the accuracy and smoothness of the computer mouse movement. For polishing, you can use ordinary carpet and a drop of oil. Lubricate the mouse’s surface and rub it with a rug or wool to wipe the surface.

We Clean the Glass Rug

A computer mousepad made of glass can be cleaned with a special tool for cleaning windows. This detergent contains components that clean and polish the glass without leaving stains on the glass surface. If you do not have a special window cleaner, you can clean the rug with a regular soapy composition. After the rug is clean, spray it with alcohol; wipe the product with a lint-free cloth. Instead of alcohol, you can use perfume or vodka. This is done for final cleaning and divorce protection.

Among the various computer mats are leather copies. Rugs made of leather are not washable and may not usually get wet with water. To clean, wipe with a damp cloth or a damp cloth. Then wipe the product to dry.

How to Care for the Mousepad

Pay attention to the condition of the rug before washing the car. When the fabric mat begins to creak, the upper outerwear begins to peel off, it is better not to wash this mat. After washing, his condition will be much sadder. Since the cost is relatively small, it is better to purchase a new accessory.

Pay attention to the bottom of the computer mouse after cleaning the mat. The mouse needs to be cleaned to improve the smoothness and accuracy of the movement. Gently wipe all sliding parts with a cloth and then vacuum the mouse to remove all dirt.

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