How to Wear a Skirt in Autumn: 8 Combinations to Wear it Every Day

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Far are the summer months Wear a Skirt and feeling comfortable. Now this must-have piece needs to be adapted to the new wardrobe and paired with warmer clothes. But it can!

Autumn is a very complicated season to wear but also very interesting in terms of textures and combinations. We come from the summer where we feel more comfortable, with very light, colorful fabrics that are very easy to combine. Surely you have noticed that when choosing and combining garments it took much less time than when you do it in autumn and winter. Why? In autumn, many more clothes come into play: sweaters, boots, jackets or coats, scarves, etc.

The skirt of this fall is very versatile, meaning that you will have many choices for each day and according to the plan you have. This fall you will invest in wardrobe items that will last you for a long, long time and that you can salvage later. It is true that in other seasons we have seen that one measure prevails more than another, but in 2021 the skirt represents all types of women: from those who dare with a mini to those who want to return to a more classic midi with a belt. Find your combination here!

Midi Skirt

Midi skirt

It is the quintessential autumn skirt, and it has also been summer. It has been popular since the 40s, and its measurement is between the long skirt and the miniskirt, that is, below the knee. We can find it in as many prints and fabrics as you want: knitted, leather, tie dye prints, plaid, plain, with flowers, paisley.

We suggest that you choose a seasonal color, such as white that can be perfectly combined with earth colors and blacks, which is very elegant. This option is interesting if you want to add a belt, necklaces, bracelets, and a shirt, and an oversized black or white coat. You can complete the look with a high boot or with sneakers.

Leather Skirt

Leather Skirt

Leather is the most popular fabric of the autumn-winter 2021 season. You will see it in many garments, from dresses to shirts, skirts, pants, and coats. The easiest leather skirt to combine is the black one, and the measure, the one that best suits your body. You can bet on one that has a tie belt to mark the waist or a lower waist with buttons or even a leather miniskirt with zip closure.

In this case, it is combined with a white shirt, but what if you put a sweater in a more striking color to give it a more cheerful touch? Lilac or pale pink can be a very good option.

Padded Skirt

Padded Skirt

Signature Bottega Veneta of designer Daniel Lee has become a fashionable version of this padded leather skirt. It can be combined with a simple white T-shirt and a wraparound wool jacket in a color that you like, for example, a pink or even dark green. Military-style mid-calf boots look great on him.

A-Line Skirt

We love this type of skirt, but we understand that it is not for everyone. This en bloc is one of the trends that have been seen the most in the fashion weeks of Paris, London or Milan. It’s funny because it is a very avant-garde style that reminds us of the 70s, but as we said, these types of skirts are investments for a long time. This one, in particular, we can combine it with a white boot and a fine turtleneck sweater in any of the colors of the skirt.

Skirt Pants

Skirt pants

This classic is perfect for a work day, and although it seems more formal, it can solve any more casual look. The pictures are taken, as we see in this image, but if you don’t like them, you can contribute a plain version, in black or brown. If you dare with the box, it is very easy to combine with an oversize off-white or red sweater (more Christmassy), also a high-heeled bootie or if you want to be more comfortable a flat, brown or black boot. Try to complete the look with a French style beret.

Buttoned Skirts

Buttoned Skirts

Investing in a skirt of this style is to do it in a piece that will last you for many seasons. It is easy to combine and comfortable. In this case, the lack is somewhat more risky and the way to combine it would be in a total look, but there are many buttoned skirts, from leather to more sheer fabrics. They look great with matching jackets or coats.

Mini Skirt

Ever since Mary Quant made it fashionable in 1965, the miniskirt has never gone out of style. You may have associated it more with teenagers, but the mini can be worn by anyone. It can be plaid, houndstooth, warmer fabrics or corduroy. The best: you can combine it with practically everything. From a long coat to a short jacket or a blazer, with ankle boots or cowboy boots. An option that does not fail is with a wide sweater and lace boots. And the trend this fall: pleated miniskirt.

Maxi Denim Skirt

The maxi denim skirt is undoubtedly the quintessential fall discovery. You will see it in different sizes, but the most popular is the midi, it also combines with another very fun trend that is patchwork. We will not deny that it reminds us of the patches of our mothers when we ripped our pants at school. You can combine it with any accessory and garment, but it looks great with a raw knit sweater and a brown cane boot.

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