A Creative Way to Make your Own Pencil Holder

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It doesn’t cost much to make your own pencil holder. In fact, this is the perfect DIY project to breathe new life into your recyclables.

Do you keep pens everywhere? Are there many times when you can’t find a pen when you really need it? If you answered yes to these two questions, how about making your own pencil holder as soon as possible? This traditional organizing tool, a pencil holder, is still a staple in all office and academic settings around the world. Let’s take a look at a creative way to make your own pencil holder.

You can easily buy a pencil holder at a school supply store or another store, but you can make one at home using recycled items. If you want to try DIY work on a pencil holder, read the article below.

pencil holder

Your own Pencil Holder: Exploring Interesting Ideas

All you need to make your own pencil holder is time and creativity. Some explanations can be a bit complicated, but they are all interesting ideas that take very little time and money.

Whatever material you use, the manufacturing method is quite similar. Virtually everything depends on your level of creativity. I will now present some basic ideas. Going further from this, you can paint and decorate the pencil holder in any way you want to enrich your personality.

Let’s Start Working!

Cardboard Tins

Cardboard tins

The cardboard barrel is the perfect shape for making a practical pencil holder. In addition, it is a very versatile material and can be decorated in many different ways. Above all, this work can also be done with children. Children will be very happy with this craft.


  • Paste the core paper of the rolled toilet paper thinly on the cardboard container with glue. After drying, you can paint or decorate the tub any way you like.

Recycle Cans

Recycle cans

Many of the foods we regularly consume are canned products. How about trying this method when empty cans are piled up in your house? You can paint the cans or decorate them with cloth or patterned paper.


  • Before decorating the cans, wash and dry the cans thoroughly. If there is any food left, it will soon start to smell.

Glass Jar

Glass Jar

Glass jars are another recycled product that can make the ideal pencil holder. It has the perfect shape to hold a large number of pens and other items. Besides, it is easy to decorate. It can be painted or covered with one of a wide variety of materials to decorate.


  • If you like simple things, you don’t even need to decorate the jars. However, if you want to add your own personality, you can paint, draw, or decorate with strings or ribbons.

Multicolored Pencil Holder

Multicolored Pencil Holder

Are the excess colored pencils rolling? If so, let’s try this project. The multicolored pencil holder is a very unique and original pencil holder. All you need for decoration is a handful of colored pencils and a string.


  • If you use something like disposable cups, wooden cans, and tin cans to make your pencil holders more unique and original.

String Pencil Holder

In this case, you can also use a wooden can or can. Wrap the barrel with string to create a beautiful vintage design. Don’t forget to fix it with glue or liquid silicone gel after you’ve wrapped it with a string.


  • You can also add more decorations. Attach your eyes and nose, or decorate them with flowers or stickers.

Old Newspaper

Old newspapers and magazines are very interesting DIY stuff. It may be less durable than other materials, but the final piece will be very cool. All you need to do the job is water grass, a newspaper, and your creativity.


  • Make the shape of a barrel, flower, or square out of newspaper. There is no need to color it.

Shampoo Bucket

Shampoo bucket

Have you ever recycled shampoo bottles? If you haven’t, now is the time to try new ideas with this bucket instead of throwing it out. The shampoo bottle has curves and is made in many beautiful designs. Let’s make the most of this and make a really different pencil holder.


  • Paint the shampoo bottle with light-colored spray paint. After drying, add decorations and patterns to add personality.

Now, which of the designs you’ve introduced so far do you like the most? Or, do you have other ideas not covered in this article? Let’s put one of your favorite ideas into action. Also, don’t forget to involve your kids in the work!

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