Shoe Planter: A Provocative Transformation of Boots and Sneakers

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Everyone always dreams of a creative and innovative interior. Another ingenious way to keep Shoe Planter at home is to plant them in your boots and shoes.

We have two choices for clothes or shoes that we no longer wear. The first is to reuse it for a new purpose, and the second is to throw it away in a recycling bin. There are many ideas for using old clothing and shoes, but in this article, I’m going to introduce you to one particular way. It is to use boots and shoes as flower pots. Now let’s explore shoe planter ideas.

Using old shirts as a mop isn’t the only way to reuse clothing. Other clothing or shoes can also live a second life as useful or decorative items for the home.

All we need is creativity and a good perspective. Some clothing is basically not a good ornament, but it can still decorate the background and give it something different and attractive.

Shoe Flowerpot

Shoe Flowerpot

It may sound a bit paradoxical and strange, but turning boots and shoes into flower pots is a very original idea and can be used as a nice decor. In fact, shoe pots are not a common item in the home or garden.

Generally speaking, we are surprised and delighted when we see these original ideas in public. Because these things are outside the standard of decor and are very original.
To keep our daily life from becoming monotonous, we need to be innovative and find more interesting solutions.

Let’s surprise visitors with decor that breaks the norm.

Regular Boots and Rain Boots

Regular Boots and Rain Boots

Old boots that are no longer worn are the best containers for plants. In fact, the older the shoes, the better. Because it gives a more intense feeling of wear. What are some things you need to know to get started with your boot planter project now?

  • It should be possible to fill the boots with soil and plants.
  • Plants should take root in the boots and grow as they settle down.
  • We are going to use waterproof boots, so it is good to make holes in the soles of our feet to drain and breathe. This way the plants won’t rot in the water.

For a variety of reasons, rain boots are a good option for a shoe planter. In other words, rain boots are usually colorful and are taller than ordinary boots. It’s also made of plastic, so it’s more durable.

  • Put a lot of soil in your rain boots and plant flowers.
  • Drill holes in the soles of your feet so the plants can breathe.
  • If you are using solid, smooth boots, you can add decorative designs with paint to make the boots more unique.

Sneakers Flowerpot

Sneakers flowerpot

At first glance, it may not seem that way, but brand sneakers like Nike, Adidas, and Puma can be nice decor. What’s more, sneakers wear out more often than boots, so they can be recycled multiple pairs a year.

  • Opens the sneakers nicely and widely. Sneakers are smaller than boots, so they need to be opened wider to contain enough soil and provide enough space for flowers.
  • Don’t choose plants that are too large. For sneakers, smaller plants like flowers, cacti and bonsai are better.
  • The bottom of the sneakers is weaker than the boots. Nevertheless, a few holes should be drilled to prevent excessive moisture and steam.
  • You can decorate your sneakers by painting them or breaking them apart. Sneakers that are not suitable for potted plants are those in the best condition.

The Best Place for Planting Shoes

You can place shoe pots made in the manner described above in several places in your home. Remember that the originality of these pots will attract a great deal of attention from visitors.

  • One of the ideal places to put shoe pots is in the garden. A garden is a great place for these pots to blend in with the rest of your plants and to chat with other green plants like lawns.
  • A patio is also a nice place. Because shoe planters will break the dynamics of typical earthen pots. Shoe planters will break the norm and open the door to the new decor.
  • Livingroom. The living room is usually a more elegant space, but these pots can also be used as ornaments.

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