How to Fight Acne Caused by the Mask

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The lack of perspiration when using the masks for many hours a day can cause the appearance of acne or pimples on the face.

Since March, masks have become a mandatory accessory that we must carry with us at all times. We can no longer conceive of going out without it: it protects us from the virus and gives us that feeling of security in the face of the health crisis. We do not know how long the mandatory nature of this medical device will last, but what is certain is that we have months ahead during which it will continue to be our faithful companion.

However, prolonged use of this product has a harmful effect on our skin, so we must take special care when taking care of it and prevent the use of a mask from having visible effects on our face such as the appearance of pimples or irritations.

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How to Avoid the So-Called Mask?

Choose a mask with a material that helps the skin perspiration. A good option is cotton masks, to which we must always add an approved filter to fulfill their function. (It is important to remember that the mask should always be placed covering the nose and mouth)

Our Face is not used to the Lack of Oxygenation Caused by the Mask

The areas that suffer the most are those that are exposed to the constant rubbing of the mask. If these protections are made with materials derived from plastic, as in surgical masks, it is very likely that the skin will be irritated excessively. To avoid this, we can apply petroleum jelly in that area.

Wash it frequently. If we use fabric or reusable masks, we must wash it daily or frequently. If we use disposable masks, we must change them every approximately 4 hours of use.

  • Take care, even more, of facial cleansing. Wash our face well in the morning and at night, with a mild soap-free cleanser that helps balance the PH of our skin, and complete the cleaning with the use of a moisturizer.
  • Reduce, as much as possible, the use of makeup. The use of makeup favors the clogging of pores and the appearance of acne, so dermatologists recommend dispensing with its use.

The professional makeup artist recommends removing, first, the makeup base, since it is the product that could cause irritation or acne infections. Likewise, if we want to put on makeup, we must opt for natural and low-coverage correctors, since it is extremely important to avoid anything that has fat.

Although we have decided to avoid makeup, it is possible that our pores have become clogged due to the lack of perspiration. For this reason, carrying out a double cleaning, which consists of combining a product formulated in oil that penetrates better into the pore with another based on actuation, forming a foam that allows us to eliminate impurities and regulate excess oil on our skin.

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