Why You Should Use Reusable Makeup Removal Pads

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The world of cosmetics and personal care also leaves its mark on our planet, so it is important to use sustainable alternatives like reusable makeup removal pads with the minimum impact on the environment.

Approximately 10 million tons of plastic end up in the world’s seas and oceans each year, deeply damaging ecosystems and killing thousands of animals. On average, each person uses about 15 kilos of disposable cotton pads or wipes each year.

In the case of cotton makeup remover pads, people who use them spend, on average, between three and four on their facial cleansing routine.

Zero Waste Beauty Routines

Many of us have already incorporated into our routines the use of sustainable alternatives for some plastic products such as cloth pads or the menstrual cup, products that are increasingly standardized. But what about the field of beauty? The world of cosmetics and personal care also leaves its mark on our planet. Therefore, it is important to find the right accessories to continue with our cleaning, reducing our impact on the planet.

Discarding single-use products and joining the zero waste movement is something that is within the reach of all of us and that the planet will appreciate.

Thus, when it comes to pampering our skin and face, reusable makeup remover discs become an ideal option to take care of our skin and the planet, as well as saving our pockets.

Cotton and Bamboo

One of the best options is reusable makeup removal pads made from cotton and bamboo charcoal, 100% plastic-free. What advantages do these types of discs have and why is it positive that we include them among our basic facial care?

  • They are suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive, and do not irritate them.
  • They admit two types of washing: by hand after use or in the washing machine when doing the laundry (maximum at 30 degrees of temperature). In addition, they include a bag suitable for the washing machine to put them directly in the machine and that they do not get lost in the clothes.
  • They are double-sided and double-functional: their ultra-soft cotton surface, suitable for liquid solutions, allows daily facial cleansing. The other surface, combining cotton and bamboo charcoal and indicated for the creamiest textures, is perfect for exfoliating the face once or twice a week.
  • They have a useful life of about 1,000 uses, so they can last us years. And when they are too worn and we have to change them? They are compostable, so we can throw them into the organic container without problem.
  • They are reusable, which is good for the planet, but also for the economy. Yes, disposable make-up removal discs are not exactly expensive, but if we take into account that every day we use, on average, between three and four … The reusable option clearly represents savings.
  • We take care of the environment by reducing the production of single-use products and preventing them from ending up in our seas, damaging thousands of species.

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