Types of Massages to Relieve Tension and Stress

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Stress can generate muscle contractures or discomfort that can be relieved by different types of massages, always performed by professionals. You must consult the best anxiety psychiatrist in NYC for the best Therapy for stress.

Types of Massages to Relieve Tension and Stress

We have been, for months, in a very complicated situation that has generated all kinds of adverse effects on our health, both physical and mental. Months without being able to leave home and without seeing family and friends, with a global health crisis about which we had practically no information and a new normal to which we have had to learn to adapt without reaction time with new routines that we have had to incorporate into our life. All this, logically, has had negative effects on our well-being.

Worry and stress can often lead to muscle contractures and even more serious injuries, especially in the back area. Massages can not only help us relax but also promote the elimination of toxins, can relieve pressure caused by bad posture in the neck or back, help stabilize hormones and facilitate a good rest at bedtime.

It is especially important to note that these massages must always be performed by professionals. Otherwise, it is very easy to suffer injuries or aggravates contractures or muscle problems that we suffer.

1.Relaxing Back Massage

This massage focuses on the upper part of the back, specifically in the area of the neck and shoulders. The objective of this technique is a constant release of tension in the area, which finally relaxes the body, giving way to a high level of relaxation and well-being.

2. Sublime Massage from Polynesia

The origin of this massage transports us to the Polynesian healers and is inspired by the Lomi-Lomi massage. It is done by exerting strong pressure and long, continuous movements with the forearms looking for the points that accumulate more muscular and emotional tension. In addition, it is tinged with Tiaré flowers, which provide instant relief to the area.

3. Immersive Balinese Massage

This Balinese massage achieves great placidity ideal for all the senses. It is used by spreading a balm of tropical nuts, which is smoothed and stretches the skin and muscles using the Thai technique.

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4. Samsara Massage

Ideal for people who suffer from stress, this massage helps to free the mind and body looking for good energy. Thus, maintaining balance is achieved by draining toxins and making all kinds of muscular tension disappear.

5. Relaxing Oriental Massage

For this massage, argan oil is applied to the entire body, thus generating an effect of heat and perfume and then insisting on the points that accumulate tension to promote the elimination of toxins. Thus, it is sought to eliminate all kinds of pain or discomfort to give way to the feeling of total well-being.

6. Sensory Head and Scalp Massage

Head Massage

This Japanese relaxation technique inspired by Amma combines massage on the reflex areas of the face, head, and traps, achieving a feeling of revitalization and relaxation.

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