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Eyes are the mirror of the soul. That looks are capable of transmitting complex emotions and of connecting with others. To speak for us. And it is that, in times of COVID, in which the use of the hygienic mask has become a new mandatory complement to interact with others, the value of our gaze has multiplied even more. Our letter of introduction and our public image is now focused on this area of our face, which is precisely the one that arouses the most concern in women (79% of women scored a 7 out of 10 for the eye area to qualify Its importance Source: Clarins IFOP 2014 exclusive study – 5,725 women, 6 countries (China, Taiwan, United States, United Kingdom, France and Japan).

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The Eye Contour is the Area that Arouses the Most Concern in Women

Why? Well, because it turns out to be the one that shows the signs of aging the fastest, the one that cannot hide the accumulated fatigue, the eye wear from long hours in front of multiple screens or the lack of sleep. In fact, the first signs of the passage of time are read in the eye contour of women from the age of 25, since it is an area located in the first line against UV rays, weakened by a thin epidermis, lacking hydrolipid film and with little irrigation.

Thus, bags, dark circles, expression lines, deeper wrinkles or lack of firmness are some of the most common signs that fatigue and the passing of the years are imprinting on the contour of our eyes. And, although it is true that we cannot fight against age or stop it, we can collaborate with it: prioritizing our physical, mental and emotional self-care through healthy conscious lifestyle habits and correct stress management, we will maximize our beauty. natural no matter how old we are.

We Cannot Stop Age, But we Can Collaborate with it

The recipe is simple: eat properly and balanced with real food and avoid ultra-processed foods according to your personal needs, respect sleep hours, say no to a too fast pace of life, abandon a sedentary lifestyle and adapt your beauty routines including beauty products. quality, based on the power of plants and eco-responsible that ensure your dermis the care it needs. And, if at this point in your life you cannot comply with all of them, nothing happens: mark at least the ones that are easiest for you and try to respect them whenever you can.

Clarins Total Eye Lift

Total Eye Lift, by Clarins, Best Eye Contour in the V Target Welfare Awards
In an absolutely unusual edition, marked by social distance and safety and hygiene measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the 5th edition of the Aim Welfare Awards has made the leap exclusively to the digital world. In this edition, we could not fail to award the new Clarins Total Eye Lift as the Best Eye Contour of the Year. And it is that we have more than enough reasons to do so:

It is suitable for all stages of a woman’s life: both for young and mature skin. At 25 years old, it helps to hide; At 40, tense, and beyond 50, redensify. In addition, the treatment is also suitable for sensitive eyes and people who wear contact lenses.

It is quick and easy to apply and with visible results in just 60 seconds: one minute after applying its gel-cream texture enriched with whitehead wax, which smoothes the skin of this fragile area, the eye contour is as it was after a facelift and the look is more open.

Formulated with an innovative technology and with 94% ingredients of natural origin: its list of ingredients includes caffeine of plant origin (which replaces caffeine synthesized in the laboratory), organic shea butter, organic harungana extracts and bio guarana, and a molecule of natural alcohol.

With responsible packaging: Composed of 25% recycled glass and 100% recyclable. Its case has been made from wood extracted from forests managed under sustainable criteria.

The Incredible Power of Plants for Natural Beauty

True to its passion for the plant world, the French cosmetic brand Clarins has once again surprised us with this new “plant-powered” formulation capable of visibly tightening the contour of our eyes in just one minute from its application. And it is that to achieve such a powerful result, it has used the properties of some plants of the recognized cosmetic effect that, in the same product, are able to erase the marks of fatigue, stop dark circles and guarantee the comfort of the contour of eyes.

Among the many benefits that albizia extract brings to our skin, the fact that it favors the elimination of glycated proteins stands out, which contributes to preserving the firmness of the skin and slowing down the installation of bags, in addition to helping to protect the micro vessels, as well as the vascular network to reduce the color of dark circles; the organic guarana extract and the vegetable caffeine, with lipolytic action, help to reduce the bags a little more every day; while horse chestnut aescin helps to stimulate microcirculation and limit the accumulation of water and pigments that darken dark circles. In addition, the high concentration of fatty acids in organic shea butter provides intense nutrition and immediate comfort, while the action of panthenol strengthens the eyelashes and clearly enhances the look.

In short, the Clarins Total Eye Lift has achieved a more than deserved place on our Christmas gift or self-gift list and for the rest of the year!

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