Easy White Chocolate Oreo Balls Recipe

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Oreo Balls are a spectacular dessert made with this famous cookie, crushed and mixed with white chocolate and finally covered with dark chocolate. They are very easy to make and without a doubt, they will not fail if you prepare them. And without all this it is still not worth it, they are made with very few ingredients! Specifically, with three! Let’s see how to make these Oreo chocolates.

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  • About 32 Oreo cookies (300g)
  • 300g cream cheese, type Philadelphia
  • 400g of white, dark, milk chocolate…. Your choice

Recipe for Oreo Balls With Philadelphia Cheese:

  1. We crush the cookies, with the cream included. With our hands, we break them a bit and put them in a mincer, blender, food processor or whatever instrument you have at home to grind food.
  2. We grind until there is a kind of very fine grit
  3. We put the cookie in a large bowl and add the Philadelphia type cheese. Mix both ingredients well with a spoon or fork
  4. We make small balls with the dough. About a tablespoon in size. That they are not too big because as afterwards you have to bathe them in chocolate, they will grow a little more
  5. As we finish the balls, we place them on a tray, with greaseproof paper or vegetable paper, so that the balls do not stick
  6. Once all the balls are formed, we put the tray together with the oreo balls in the freezer and leave it there for about an hour
  7. After time, we melt the chocolate in a bain-marie, or in the microwave and bathe the oreo balls well in it, one by one. Do this step quickly, otherwise the balls will melt into the hot chocolate.

Once each ball is bathed, we return it to the baking paper. And once we have finished with all of them, we put them in the fridge for about 3 more hours, before we can eat
The result will be some oreo balls that are crispy on the outside, due to the chocolate and very fluffy and tasty on the inside. You have to prepare them!

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