How Does a Top Models Put on Makeup?

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It is very possible that when you see the photos of the Top Models in the magazines you wonder about their makeup tricks. Not counting of course the possible photo retouching that has been done afterward, it is evident that a good photo session always begins with a makeup and hairdressing session carried out with the necessary tools where the most of the model is taken advantage of.

If you’ve ever wondered how a top model does makeup, perhaps in this post we can give you some tips and ideas:

Makeup Tips from models

First of all you have to prepare the skin. Clean and hydrated skin is the ideal canvas for any makeup to look great. So apply the story: clean and correctly your skin morning and night and use a good moisturizer adapted to the needs of your skin.

Second, find a foundation that exactly matches your skin tone. Using a darker shade to appear more tanned is a serious makeup mistake! Apply the base as a professional makeup artist would do: use a good makeup brush or makeup brush (a makeup sponge such as Beauty Blender would also work) by dabbing, without pressing on the skin and above all, without forgetting the neck area and paying special attention to the eyebrows or the fins of the nose.

To continue putting on makeup like a top model, we must stop at eye makeup: a simple smokey if we want an intense look or a combination of ocher and beige tones for a daily look will be our allies. Don’t forget to apply two coats of mascara.

How Does a Top Models Put on Makeup

And what do we do with the hair? If we are not expert hairdressers, it is possible that this step will choke us a bit but for this we must rely on tools that make our lives easier, such as curling irons to professionally wave and curl our hair without costing us much effort. You can see some models in this blog and always remember that you must protect your hair with a thermal protector and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to keep your hair healthy.

To make up like a top model we are missing 3 important details: a touch of blush in a peach color that we will apply in the center of our cheeks, a little highlighter that we will apply in the upper area of the cheek and under the eyebrow and of course, our favorite lipstick.

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