Easy Mango and Orange Sorbet Recipe

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Mango and orange sorbet. Surely, on many occasions and especially on the hottest days of the year, you have wondered what you could prepare to quench your thirst. This time I propose a very quick and easy recipe to prepare, a delicious MANGO SORBET. It is a sweet drink, prepared with fruits, that can accompany or substitute for a dessert. The combination of these ingredients make it a delicious, refreshing drink that is perfect to serve after meals. In addition, it has a reputation for being digestive so it can come in handy after a copious meal. The recipe is very simple and takes just a few minutes to prepare. Try to prepare this mango sorbet at home, you only need the following ingredients:

Ingredients for 4 People

  • 1 large Ripe Mango
  • 5 Medium Oranges
  • 200g Sugar
  • 200ml of Cava or Champagne
  • 300g Ice Cubes

How to Make the Mango Sorbet

Time needed: 15 minutes.

To prepare a refreshing mango and orange sorbet, you just have to follow the steps that I show you below. It is very simple!

1. Clean the Mango and Squeeze the Juice from the Oranges

The night before preparation, store all the fruits in the fridge. The next day removes the pit and seed from the mango and cut it into pieces, making the most of its meat, which you are going to reserve on a plate. Squeeze all the oranges and reserve their juice in a glass.

2. Crush the Ice

In a blender glass, Put the ice and sugar. Crush it with an electric mixer, for a few seconds, until the ice is well crushed and mixed with the sugar. This ice will mix very well with the fruits and give it body and thickness.

3. Finished Preparing our Mango and Orange Sorbet

Then add the mango, the orange juice and the cava to the glass. Grind until everything is mixed and you will have sorbet completely assembled. If you see that it does not have much consistency, you can add more ice and crush until it is integrated with the rest of the components.

You can serve this mango sorbet with orange in different types of glasses or glasses, and decorate it with salt, some red fruit or some mint or spearmint leaves. In the event that you cannot or wish to do it without alcohol, you can also prepare it without cava. It will not have the same flavor but it will continue to be a very rich and digestive fruit sorbet. Also, if you wish, you can change the type of drink that accompanies the fruit, using some other liquor, according to your preference.


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